Brittany McCarty

I  am a passionate small town artist currently working out of a peaceful private studio space located in Central Pennsylvania.


In the fall (October 2017) I will be relocating and taking on a resident artist position at Ink & Dagger Tattoo is Roswell, Georgia.


For all booking please navigate to the contact tab and fill on the inquiry. Be sure to fill out the form in it's entirety as this with help in understand your ideas and make the scheduling process most efficient. 

- now taking on new projects & clientele-

My energy towards working in this industry stems from many different inspirations. My passion is focused on black and gray related designs with a love for mehndi related art, botanical pieces, mandalas, fine line work, geometrical shapes/patterns, and nature related creations. I love taking ideas and progressively making them into works of art. When I began tattooing in two thousand and twelve  I had one goal in mind; that goal was to follow my instincts and allow my artwork to help me explore the world.  Five and a half years later I am so incredibly happy to be doing that exactly. Traveling has so far helped me become such a better artist and I have made such memorable connections that I am overly grateful for.  It is amazing to think that my  journey has  just begun.

I believe that as beings we are embodied as a beautiful piece of artwork. As this living masterpiece we will continuously learn, grow, and process changes throughout our lives. My personal mission as an artist is to create a unique and meaningful piece for each of my clients to carry during their own personal  journey and that by doing that I will bring light and inspiration into their life as well as mine.